Backyard Storage Buildings

Built On Site

12131 SR 23 North, Building A
Granger, IN 46530



This attractive style building known as the "Salt Box" will add value to your property when used as a garden shed, pool house, office, or perhaps your own getaway.  Doors can be centered, offset to the right or left under the 12" front overhang.

7' Sidewall Premium
8x10x9 $2,180
8x12x9 $2,330
8x16x9 $2,770
10x10x9 $2,610
10x12x9 $2,890
10x16x9 $3,460
10x20x9 $4,020
12x12x10 $3,480
12x16x10 $4,070
12x20x10 $4,750
12x24x10 $5,460
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Prices are subject to change without notice.


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