Backyard Storage Buildings

Built On Site

12131 SR 23 North, Building A
Granger, IN 46530


All buildings are professionally constructed on YOUR site.

We custom build on site because it makes sense. It’s simple-- we construct your building like a house. No need to tear down fences, remove trees and shrubs or damage irrigation systems. Some companies may charge up to 38% to build on site when they can’t trailer a shed in and drop it off.  Outer Spaces Plus charges an additional 16%-20% of the base price of the building for lost time and carrying 1500-5000 lbs to the backyard if we cannot access your build site within 2 ft. and a 9 ft. wide opening for a pickup truck.

Construction features on all Premium buildings:

Floor Construction

We use 4x4 treated runners with 2x4 joists, 12’’ o.c. on our 8’ & 10’ wide buildings.  All 12’x 12’ and larger buildings are constructed with 2x6 joists, 12’’ o.c.  Your building comes with either 5/8’’ plywood decking or optional 5/8’’ treated 7 ply Marine Tech (KDAT) plywood, with treated floor joists 12" o.c. (See Options)

Walls Construction

Studs are 2x4’s, 16’’o.c., with top and bottom plate and double top plates on all buildings over 12’ in length.  DuraTemp ½’’ siding comes factory primed and ready to paint. We offer 7’ TALL SIDEWALLS in all building styles.  When shopping, always compare the total height, especially in larger buildings.  Your loft area is an ideal place to store your light items and save the floor for the heavier objects or create extra floor space for a workshop.

Roof Construction

Rafters are 2x4’s, 24’’ o.c.  Rafters are fastened together with plywood gussets on both sides with ring shank nails, (not staples), for maximum strength.  Roof sheeting is ½’’ 4 Ply CDX plywood.  All buildings come with 2-8”x 16” gable vents, felt paper, metal drip edge and 25 year 3-1 shingles. We also stock 30 year architectural shingles to match your house and meet HOA covenants. (See Options)

Door Construction

Doors are constructed with 2x4’s and fastened together with over 25 deck screws per door. We use the heaviest aluminum piano hinge and door hardware on the market!  Beware of 1x4’s, 2x3’s, staples and light duty hinges and door hardware.
An aluminum threshold is installed in every building to protect your door entry.  Hook & eyes come on every door to secure them when opened.
The Premium line comes with a 3 year warranty.

We also offer our buildings in a Standard line, which also come with many of the same features as a Premium.  These buildings are comparable to the big box stores, only we build with 2x4 construction NOT 2x3’s. These buildings are built on site as well. You can customize your buildings with the same options as our Premium line.  Our Standard line is often hundreds of dollars less, compared to sheds at big box stores. These stores also offer Do-It-Yourself kits which normally come with light duty floor and light duty door systems, and do not include shingles or a warranty.
The Standard line comes with a 2 year warranty.


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