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  1. Are there display models available to walk through?
    Yes. Our display lot in Granger, IN is open 24/7.  We strongly encourage you to walk through our models so you can select the right style, size and options that will suit your needs.  Inside each model you will find additional info that breaks down the pricing of the options you are viewing.  The models on display are meant to offer examples/ideas of the options we offer.

  2. Do I need a building permit?
    Currently, in the Michiana area, most buildings at or under 120 sq. ft. (10’ x 12’) do not require a permit.  Your specific city or township may have different regulations, so it is always best to check with your local building department first. In most cases, you must be approximately 5’ from the property lines.  If there is an easement involved, it may be more.  It is the customer’s responsibility to acquire all necessary permits.

  3. Do I need approval from my HOA? (Home Owner’s Association)
    Most housing additions have requirements for new portable sheds. For example: shed shingles and siding color may need to match your home. Size restrictions may also be a factor.

  4. What do I need to do to prep the construction site?
    It will depend on how level your site is to begin with.  We can level the shed up to 5”, over 5” the customer has the option of purchasing from us or providing patio blocks at the site. We can determine how many blocks are needed depending on your order, and supply marking stakes to help you locate the placement of your shed. We will need at least 4’ of working space around all four sides and at least 4’ of clearance for the roof.  Please redirect/cap-off irrigation heads that will affect the site, as well as removing all animal waste in the work area.  A totally treated floor system is mandated by code in Michigan.  Ninety-eight percent of our customers in Indiana also purchase this option for good insurance against rot and termites.

  5. How long will it take to construct my shed?
    Every order is unique.  8’ x 8’s through 10’ x 12’s generally take 1-2 days depending on how many options are selected and if the materials must be carried to the site.

  6. Why should I buy a building from Outer Spaces Plus, Inc. verses a big box store?

    Our customer service comes with over 30 years of evident experience.  We can answer your questions, while we know to ask you questions that will help you choose the right style, size and options.

    We are a small local company that hand-picks every piece of lumber used in our sheds.  Not so, with our competitors. We strive for quality.  All of our sheds have 2’ x 4’ construction, not 2’ x 3’ construction you see at the big stores.  All of our sheds are built on site, complete floor and roof systems are included.  Our doors are constructed with over 25 deck screws per door, heavy duty aluminum piano hinges, a three-point locking system complete with hooks and eyes to secure doors when open.  Our doors are what really set us apart from other companies. Sheds at Outer Spaces Plus are not priced at the lowest or highest in this area, and our customers always tell us they received a lot of value and more ‘bang for their buck’, with us.

  7. Is there a warranty that comes with my shed?
    Yes. Premium sheds come with a three year warranty. Standard sheds come with a two year warranty.  All warranties are issued after customer submits a photo showing the shed has been completely painted.  Painting instructions are included in handout and painting is the customers’ responsibility. Building must be clear of any direct exposure to lawn sprinklers or building warranty will be void.

  8. How and when do I pay for my shed?

    No down payment is necessary unless the shed is over $5000., then a $500. check/cash is due at time of your order.  All sheds are COD at time of completion.

    Checks or cash.


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